About Us

Wayand Green Forest Resort is a Wonderland of Mother Nature’s hues,shadows,textures and colour with chirping of birds and glance of small animals.The experiences which We provide during your stay at the resort are unexplainable you can trek through the Mother Nature’s landscapes from streams to waynadan hills and rain forests to wildlife encounters at wayanad sanctuary.

Are you overstressed with extremely hectic work Schedules and looking for a relaxed gateway for your mind,body and soul?

Then come to use! Wayanad Green forest Resort has everything you want from Nature! Scenic wayanad Hillsand valleys covered in mist,lush green tea and spice plantations,Waterfalls and fresh air lightly scented with local spices... all that you never get in cities full of pollution. our staff members are very attentive, courteous and caring to receive you,just like you feel at home. Wayanad Green forest Resort is a place for people,Who are looking out for experiences from Nature and hospitality from the heart,rather than mere holidays makers.we simply made the resort for you pleasant and comfortable stay in the mother Nature’s lap.The location and planning of this resort will help you to find your innerselfr, while your stay at 70 ft tree house surrounded by shades of green Forests of Western Ghats.We made it utmost care and simply merge with nature and its surroundings.